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Class Policy - Cover Page

All written assignments must have cover page.The cover page is the first of your document and must containt the following:
  • The student's name
  • The date the assignment was completed.
  • The course number and name.
  • The assignment number as indicated on the web site.
  • The date the assignment was due as indicated on the web site.
  • The assignment discription as indicated on the course web site.
  • The date the student visited the Writing Center.
  • The name of the Writing Center tutor.

The format of the cover page is as follows:

Student Name
Date Completed

Course Number - Course Name

Assignment Number: ###
Assignment: description
Date Due: date
Writing Center Visit Date: date
Writing Center Tutor: tutors name


Edward Ferreira
January 22, 2013

CIS132 - Introduction to Unix/Linux and Shell Programming

Assignment Number: W99
Assignment: Write the Report
Date Due: September 10, 2012
Writing Center Visit Date: September 3, 2012
Writing Center Tutor: Connie Castella